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Ease the Way Spray

Ease the Way Spray

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One of the most common fears about birth is tearing...and now there is something to do that can help reduce that risk. Mom’s refer to this unique blend as “liquid gold” as it tones the perineal skin (the area around the vagina) and aids in their confidence to create a strong body for birth. 

Benefits Before Birth

  • Helps create a strong perineum for birth. (The perineum is the area surrounding your vagina.) 
  • Reduces the chance and degree of tearing when used daily in the last months of pregnancy 
  • Relieves and shrinks hemorrhoids (pregnancy-related or not) 
  • Minimizes varicose veins 
  • Reduces stretch marks 

Benefits After Birth

  • Speeds healing of any vaginal tears
  • Reduces swelling and bruising from birth, providing a faster recovery
  • Shrinks hemorrhoids that can come during or after birth


"There is nothing on the market that helps women before birth. I was sharing with a friend that I was worried about tearing at birth and she recommended this spray. I loved using this daily in my pregnancy. It smells fresh and I feel proactive about preparing my body to be as strong as it can be for birth." - Hayley

Spray liberally to the perineum in pregnancy 2-3x daily. Spray liberally after birth to soothe and heal after vaginal birth. For additional pain relief after birth, spray into sanitary pads, store in the freezer, and use as a compress.

*witch Hazel, aloe vera, *geranium, *cypress & *lavender *organic ingredients

Customer Reviews

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This product works wonders, it is a perfect baby shower gift for expecting mothers!!

Darren Ash
love it!

I used this spray several times a day in the last few weeks of my pregnancy and I didn’t tear at all! I had an almost fourth degree tear with my first baby, so I wanted to try to be proactive and help prevent tearing if I could and I came across this spray and I’m so thankful that I did! I pushed on my back for 45 minutes with my first baby, and pushed once on my hands and knees with my second baby, so that also probably helped prevent tearing too. I’m still using it postpartum to help aid in healing and I love it!


From vaginal swelling to reducing the risk of vaginal tearing, to soothing hemorrhoids, nipple pain from breastfeeding, increasing milk supply - we have the mom covered!


Breastfeeding can be a challenge and often painful in those first few weeks while you and your baby are learning this new skill. But we got you!

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