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Prepare Down There Balm

Prepare Down There Balm

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Mama's RAVE about this incredibly healing salve! Created to strengthen your vaginal area for birth, this nourishing balm deeply moisturizes to reduce the risk of tearing.

You worked so hard to have your baby, and your bottom will need some TLC after! Our Prepare Down There Balm is meant for birth prep and recovery!

Based on the power of healing herbs and moisturizing oils, this is created to gently prepare the vaginal area for birth and bring healing to your postpartum.


  • Moisturizes and reduces the risk of vaginal tearing at birth
  • Seeds healing of stitches and tears
  • The MOST healing diaper cream
  • Comforts tender and sore perineum
  • Naturally antibacterial
  • Hemorrhoid relief
  • Minimizes and speeds healing of cesarean scars

Other Diaper Bag Benefits

  • Heals everyday cuts & scrapes
  • Soothes bug bites
  • Relieves sunburns
  • A wonderful face cream to help reduce wrinkles (those well-intentioned, loving parent lines)
  • Soothes eczema

Moisturize the perineal area before bedtime in pregnancy. Use liberally after birth to bring comfort and speed healing of the vaginal area. For even more benefits in reducing the risk of tearing, use along with Ease The Way Spray in pregnancy.

*coconut oil *cocoa butter, *olive oil, *comfrey, *calendula flowers, *st. johns wort, *lavender, & *beeswax

*organic ingredients

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It's all I want.


From vaginal swelling to reducing the risk of vaginal tearing, to soothing hemorrhoids, nipple pain from breastfeeding, increasing milk supply - we have the mom covered!


Breastfeeding can be a challenge and often painful in those first few weeks while you and your baby are learning this new skill. But we got you!

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