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Fenugreek free breastmilk remedy for low milk supply

Let It Flow Lactation Tincture

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Struggling with milk supply? Worried your baby isn't getting enough breastmilk?

Our Let It Flow Lactation Tincture is a powerful and effective herbal remedy that increases milk production in breastfeeding moms. This herbal remedy increases milk supply by naturally creating more milk glands needed for breastfeeding success.

Our natural formula is unique in that it's FENUGREEK FREE. This makes our recipe safer for all mothers, especially those with heart issues, blood sugar, or thyroid health histories. 

Are you pregnant and worry about milk production? Good news! Our tincture can be used in PREGNANCY to create MORE MILK GLANDS and set you up for breastfeeding success!


"THIS WORKS! I struggled with the milk supply. I tried so many other teas and tinctures and this product by far worked the best! Just a few droppers a day and the milk really came in. My baby and I thank you." - addie


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

When milk production is low, take 2 droppersful, 3 times daily in water or juice. Results are typically seen after 3-5 days of this tincture

Take 1 dropperful daily in water or juice.

Take 2 droppersful daily in water or juice in your 3rd Trimester to create more milk glands and encourage a successful start to breastfeeding!

*goat’s Rue, *nettle Leaf, *red Raspberry Leaf, *dandelion Leaf, *blessed Thistle, *fennel seed, *marshmallow root, 100 proof vodka

*organic Ingredient

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Jennifer Reineck
Let it flow tincture

Sherilee came for 4hours to help with my baby (it was a present from a friend, best gift ever), she carried my baby, helped with house chores and making energy snacks and we talked a lot! Especially about breastfeeding, at that time I was struggling with my supply and she told me about this tincture. I ordered it right away! It’s taste good, I take it every morning in water. My baby is almost 6 weeks old and I’m breastfeeding her exclusively now! Thank you Sherilee!

Buy the Let It Go Tincture!!!

I struggled with low supply with my son. I had to supplement and pumped exclusively every 2 hours for 6 months. I would usually get 2oz a day total.

Started taking this before I delivered my daughter and have been. I make enough to fill her and am able to pump on average 4oz more a day then what she needs.


From vaginal swelling to reducing the risk of vaginal tearing, to soothing hemorrhoids, nipple pain from breastfeeding, increasing milk supply - we have the mom covered!


Breastfeeding can be a challenge and often painful in those first few weeks while you and your baby are learning this new skill. But we got you!

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