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Perineal Prep Bundle

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In our Perineal Prep Bundle, you get our two products specifically designed to prepare your perineum for birth and heal after the baby comes. When these two products are used together, you can create more confidence in your body for birth and help reduce the risk of tearing.

They help nourish and strengthen the tender tissue that surrounds your vagina - and we think that area deserves some love for the incredible thing it's going to do! 

Ease the Way Spray benefits (use 1-3x daily in pregnancy)

  • tones and strengthens vaginal tissue
  • use regularly in pregnancy to reduce the chance and degree of tearing at birth
  • reduces and soothes hemorrhoids 
  • comforts and reduces soreness and swelling after a vaginal birth
  • speeds healing of vaginal tears

Prepare Down There Balm benefits (use before bed in pregnancy)

  • nourishes the skin of the perineum
  • reduces the risk of vaginal tearing at birth
  • speeds healing of stitches and tears
  • naturally antibacterial
  • hemorrhoid relief

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From vaginal swelling to reducing the risk of vaginal tearing, to soothing hemorrhoids, nipple pain from breastfeeding, increasing milk supply - we have the mom covered!


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